CFOflex, the perfect solution for small and midsize companies

“Every company, regardless of its size, needs a CFO”. Not only the larger companies but also small and midsize companies are facing financial challenges where they need highly educated and experienced financials. Larger companies have extensive financial departments, smaller companies usually don’t have those resources. A Certified Public Accountant can be hired who can help with the financial statements, who can manage risks and can give some tax advice. Often the CPA is not a real business partner who really helps building up the company and takes ownership of certain projects. They have to be independent. A finance consultant is an expert in making plans but usually fails in implementing projects.

CFOflex is filling up the gap by acting as a real part-time Finance Director. Someone who takes ownership and responsibility. He’s a real business partner, taking things out of hands and aims for everlasting improvements and solutions. The CFOflex has access to all kind of financial experts. An appropriate solution can be found for almost every problem, he is your guide in finance.

CFOflex’ main clients are fast growing small and midsize companies who need to bring their organization to the next professional level, working in a complex setting and often facing major changes. CFOflex also offers solutions for not-for-profit organizations. We aim to build long-term relationships with our clients to ensure the knowledge of the company, its business and market.

CFOflex serves all markets but has a strong background in Pharmacy, Biotech, Healthcare, High-tech and IT.

CFOflex is best suited for young and growing companies. CFOflex builds up the finance organization while the entrepreneur can stay focused on his business. CFOflex supports the entrepreneur in his process of growth. He will take care of the contacts with shareholders, investors, banks and CPA’s. Growth will be transformed into profit and he will bring the company to the next professional level. By creating value for its shareholders the CFOflex solution is also very suitable for investment funds and private equity.
Companies that work in a complex and changing setting can also benefit from our services. CFOflex can help to make the necessary adjustments in the organization and the systems to provide the general management with the management information it really needs to stay on track.
We also support not-for-profit organizations to realize their ambitions as they too work in a changing setting with many challenges. They have to start working in a more competitive way with budgets and targets. Both people and systems have to be adjusted to this new way of working. Our Finance Professionals have experience in both profit and not-for-profit organizations.

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